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Thursday, April 13, 2006

There's a saying: nothing is more frustrating then seeing your own position argued poorly.

I find liberals much more annoying then conservatives in part because I care about liberal issues. And it's my opinion that most self-proclaimed liberals don't. I think Progressives have to put "progressive" in their name because nobody would conclude it from their beliefs.

BUT, today I read an essay that started with the authors identifying themselves as democrats and progressives and I can't remember the last time I read anything of substance where I agreed with so much and disagreed with so little. I reacted the same way I did when I read Peter Beinart's essay after the last elections about saving liberalism--maybe there's hope after all.

Here are guys who want to save progressiveism. And, more importantly, they know what it means to be progressive. If they mean it, I'll do whatever little I can to help. Now I haven't posted in quite some time and never built a readership anyway, so as a consequence, The Euston Manifesto will get no help whatsoever from this post. But it doesn't cost anything, so why not? Meanwhile, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for other ways to contribute.

When you have some time, hit the button and read.

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